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Streamin’ Soda perfectly replicates your favourite fizzy  drinks in E-Liquid form! Quench your vaping thirst with 4 of the tastiest  beverage-based juice flavours on the market today.

Produced in the UK by Juice Locker, Streamin’ Soda’s  authentic pop flavours are just like the real-life drinks thanks to the use of  ultra-premium concentrates.

Manufactured in the UK in a 70%VG /  30%PG ratio, this liquid is ideal for maximum clouds and incredible flavour!



Sweet, ripe Morello cherries with a distinct sour fizz  aftertaste create one of the most authentic Cherryade flavours ever vaped. A  definite all day vape contender!



Just like the real thing! Sweet and fizzy, this e-liquid is  just like the leading brand drink we all know and love – guaranteed to leave  you wanting more!



A true-to-life recreation of the nostalgic Scottish brew –  this generations old secret recipe tonic is loved by many and can now be  enjoyed in vape form!



A fizzy blend of sweet citrus fruits with a hint of  Pineapple create a delicious summer soda which can be vaped all year round!