Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush brings the candy store directly to your taste  buds! These nostalgic flavours will transport you right back to your childhood,  evoking memories of the pick-and-mix sweets we all know and love. Produced in  the UK by Juice Locker, the Sugar Rush range has taken the vaping industry by  storm. The use of ultra-premium concentrates has resulted in some of the most  authentic and powerful flavour profiles ever created yet still remaining  coil-friendly!

The wait for the best candy range ever developed is over –  which flavour will you try first?

Manufactured in the UK in a 70%VG /  30%PG ratio, this liquid is ideal for maximum clouds and excellent flavour!



These jaw stopping mini blue nuggets are rolling in bubblegum goodness. This juice will really rock your world!>/font>



Bursting with bubbles, this iconic fizzy flavour will leave a refreshing tang on the end of your tongue.



Don’t be deceived by these small chewy bears. Despite their size, these guys carry a scarily huge fruity gummy sensation.



If you are looking for your next buzz, these sour cherries will give you just that ’cause this flavour seriously packs a punch.



This sweet, chewy lolly is a firm favourite of sweet lover with its distinct raspberry flavour and milky undertones.